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Bright Academy introduces PerfectPractise

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  • Request
  • Practise
  • Feedback

Get your child to practise in 3 easy steps!

  1. Request work on topic you require
    –    It could be a topic that you just learnt at school or a topic that you missed due to being ill.
  2. Complete the work and send it back to us via email
    –     Scan your work or just take a photo.
  3. Feedback – get it marked by a fully qualified maths teacher.
  • PerfectPractise will help your child by providing work to the individual needs of the student.
  • For parents, PerfectPractise is an ideal choice as it allows extra work to be done on topics that have been covered at school. Students do not always get homework on all topics learnt at school or the work provided does not cover the topic very well. We will provide the work your child needs to learn and practise for all maths topics.
  • For busy parents, finding work can be time consuming.
  • Practise makes perfect! The more practise your child does, the better they will be become at the topic. This boosts confidence and allow students to self-learn while developing understanding.

Why choose this service?

  • ‘Practise makes perfect’
  • Tailored work upon your request
  • Builds students confidence
  • Get familiar with exam style questions
  • Catch up on work that was missed at school due to being ill on the day or just require more confidence on that particular topic that they just learnt at school
  • Cost effective
  • Work marked by a fully qualified maths teacher

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Allow 24 hours for the work to be sent to you
  • Allow 48 hours for the work to be marked
  • Work will be sent Monday to Friday
  • £10 per week is subject to one child
  • Payment will be taken after trial period unless cancelled within 7 days