Our Services

Our Services


To help students across Milton Keynes reach their full potential in maths, we provide tailored tutoring services to meet all of their needs. Our structured maths lessons are available for students from year 3 onward for 11+, SATS and GCSE preparation.


To help students prepare for the 11+ admission test in Watford and surrounding areas, we provide maths and verbal reasoning sessions.

Exam Preparation
We provide exam preparation services for Edexcel, AQA and OCR to ensure that your child is fully prepared, confident and ready when they take their exam.

We provide a tuition service specifically for the 11+ academic test for the south west consortium schools. Contact us today for more information.

What Your Child Needs to Bring to Bright Academy

When you schedule a tutoring session, we ask that each student please bring a:

Pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, sharpener, compass, protractor and calculator.

We provide each student with their own maths exercise book and wallet to keep all their work and resources organised in.

Your bright future is our mission

Helping each of our students fulfill their potential
We aim to get the best results possible for all our students.
  • We work with the current school curriculum
  • We have well planned and structured lessons to ensure our students understand the work are fully engaged
  • We tailor tuition to individual needs

At Bright Academy we provide students homework every week and do testing on a regular basis to ensure students maintain high standards. We regularly provide feedback to parents on students progress.

Why Choose Bright Academy?

No matter what students are looking to achieve, our expert tuition services exceed expectations for learning, growth and enjoyment!

Selecting a tutor for your child is a big decision, as the knowledge learned lays the foundation for success in subject for years to come. Bright Academy is the right choice for students for a variety of reasons!


Stay one step ahead at School

We are dedicated to helping our students excel at school. Provide your child with a head start and set them on the path of future brilliance with our first class tutoring that keeps them ahead of the curve!

Student Grade Improvement

For many students, maths can be a difficult subject to learn. At Bright Academy, we work closely with each child to understand the specific challenges that they face in the subject and then develop a specialised learning plan that helps them drastically boost their grades!

Fully Qualified Teachers

A student is only as good as their teacher. That is why Bright Academy has assembled a group of passionate, fully qualified and experienced maths teachers that know how to get the best out of each student while working within the school’s curriculum.

Parent Satisfaction

We involve the parents in the learning process so that they are always aware of the progress that their child is making under our tutelage. We provide weekly feedback and constructive criticism on each student, so they always know the aspects of work which they can improve upon.

What we stand for

The Bright Academy Beliefs

We created Bright Academy to offer Milton Keynes and Watford students a comfortable place for them to boost their knowledge and passion for maths and help them prepare for their exams.
We strive to offer our students a variety of benefits and advantages when they decide to become part of Bright Academy.

Boost Confidence

By helping children understand various aspects of maths, we consistently grow their confidence with everything from problem solving to fundamentals.

Reaching Potential

Each student has the potential to do well in the subject, however some may need some extra assistance. Our tuition services help each student fulfill their maths potential, regardless of their personal level.

Improve Your Understanding

Unlike other subjects, maths requires an understanding of key elements to drive long-term success. We create specialised learning plans that maximise understanding to set the student up for long-term success.

Growing Maths Knowledge

With every lesson we offer, our goal is to grow the student’s knowledge of maths that much more. Over time, this adds up to a powerful increase in knowledge within a variety of maths processes.

Achieve New Heights

For students that already have a strong knowledge in maths, we want to take them to the next level. Our programs are designed to help students maximise their grades and truly excel in the subject.

Tailored to Individual Needs

When we work with a student, we do everything we can to discover their personal learning style. From this assessment, we develop customised learning strategies that allow them to learn maths efficiently and effectively!

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