About Us

Your Bright Future is Our Mission

Bright Academy is a private tutoring firm that specialises in offering top class tuition across Milton Keynes and Watford.

Bright Academy was founded to assist students fulfill their potential by providing high quality, customised tutoring. With several locations throughout Milton Keynes, we work closely with students across the town to improve their knowledge, understanding and joy of maths.

Our team of professional maths tutors work within the current school curriculum to assist in all aspects of maths. From students who are falling behind to students that want to get ahead, we develop well-planned and structured lessons that are designed to engage the students during each lesson.


We have done all the research required to be up to date with any changes in the 11+ test and use a variety of resources for our 11+ tuition service to ensure your child has the best chance to succeed in the test.

At Bright Academy, we know that each student learns differently, so our tutors discover the individual needs of the student to offer tutoring services that are sure to reach them on a personal level. We provide regular progress updates to parents, as we believe that they should always be aware on the effect that our services are having on their child.

Commitment to Student Success

With every student we work with, Bright Academy is 100% committed to creating a comfortable, supportive and positive learning environment. We develop learning programs for all student levels, allowing the child to gain confidence in their maths or 11+ work.

Through our customised plans and friendly approach, we ensure that our students make continuous progress in their work, while also enjoying the time they spend solving problems!