11+ Tuition

What is The 11+?

In Watford and surrounding areas there are selective state secondary schools (grammar schools). These are part of the south west Herts consortium schools.
The 11+ is a test used by schools to select their pupils based on their performance in this test. The demand for places in selective secondary schools is greater than the number of places available and is highly competitive.

This test is usually taken in September for year 6 students and is taken before applying for a secondary school.

11+Academic Test

There are 2 test providers: GL and CEM Assessments.
For SW Herts Consortium, the 11+ Academic test consists of two tests:
Maths and Verbal Reasoning.
It is important to be up to date with any changes and ensure your child studies the correct assessment to prepare them when they take the test.
Your child will only get one chance to do the Academic test.
Maths consists of 50 questions in 50 minutes
Verbal Reasoning has 80 questions in 60 minutes*
*subject to change

Our 11+Tuition Service

11+ Academic Test preparation sessions will consist of the following
  • Small groups of up to 6 students taught by fully qualified teacher
  • Customised, structured and engaging lessons
  • Work provided is tailored to the individual needs of the child
  • Feedback provided with constructive advice to parents
  • 2 sets of homework will be provided and must be completed every week for your child to progress
  • Only the best methods used to do questions to get your child to answer correctly and quickly as required for the test
  • Testing with exam style questions in every lesson
  • Mentoring your child to achieve their potential
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